Microsoft to discontinue support for Office Apps on Chromebook from Sep 18th

Microsoft to discontinue support for Office Apps on Chromebook from Sep 18th

Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft wants Chromebook users to switch to Web-based Office applications.

Microsoft’s Office programmes for Chromebooks are apparently being phased out. According to a new claim, Google wants Chromebook users to switch to Web versions of these programs. This move will take effect in mid-September, and while the apps will no longer be maintained by Microsoft, they will still work. Chromebook users can download Microsoft’s Office programs from the Google Play store and enjoy all of its capabilities, albeit the Microsoft 365 Web experience offers more capability.

Microsoft indicated in an email statement published by TechCrunch that starting September 18, Microsoft programmes for Chromebook users will be migrated to Web experiences. This means that Microsoft will stop maintaining Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook after September 18, and they will no longer be updated or optimized. Instead, Microsoft encourages Chromebook users to use the Web versions of these programs for the “best experience.”

“In order to provide the best experience for Chromebook consumers, Microsoft programs (Office and Outlook) will be migrated to web experiences ( and on September 18, 2021,” according to the announcement.

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With the Web experience, Microsoft hopes that Chromebook users would switch to the Microsoft 365 service, which offers more features than individual apps. According to TechCrunch, the Web method is more suited to larger screens than the apps. It also indicates that Office apps will continue to work on mobile devices and tablets.

Additionally, Chromebook users can continue to use Office apps until September 18 or beyond, albeit Microsoft will no longer support them. This means they won’t get any new features or upgrades in the future.

Microsoft has also published instructions for installing Office on Chromebooks through the web. A Microsoft account, or any other account associated with your Microsoft 365 membership, is required.